About Me


Lorna (for Facebook, math ads)

I picked up my first SLR camera as a teenager and immediately fell in love with taking pictures.

After working with film (mostly black and white) for a number of years, I took a long break.  However, I have recently rediscovered this passion of my youth, now in the context of digital photography, with its many possibilities and challenges.

The past few years for me have been filled with experimentation, as I strive to find my artistic “voice”.  For me, photography is not only about attempting to create beautiful and inspiring images, it is also a journey of discovery.  Over time, I have drawn inspiration from photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Imogen Cunningham, Lillian Bassman, Edward Weston and Ernst Haas, as well as from the many talented photographers I have met through photography clubs and workshops, and from the work of artists such as Georgia O’Keefe, Mary Pratt, and Emily Carr, to name a few.

I often find myself “seeing the world through the lens of a camera”, my attention being caught by a delicately unfurling flower or a misty sunrise over distant hills. While I will always appreciate and endeavour to capture the beauty of the world around me with my camera, I want to also use some of my photographic images as the foundation for creating works of art that are rich in colour, texture, and movement.

Cheers,  Lorna


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