By Road, Sea and Air (September 2016 – April 2017)

My partner, Anne, and I left our home in Victoria in September 2016 to drive to Ontario.  After spending a few weeks with family in the Kingston area, we made a short excursion to Cape Cod, and then, on October 18th, boarded the Queen Mary II in New York to spend 8 rather luxurious days sailing to England.

We stayed a few weeks in England, first in Brighton, then in the Bath/Glastonbury area, followed by several days in London.  On November 1st, we took the night boat from Harwich to Hoek van Holland to spend the next four months in the Netherlands (mostly in and around Utrecht). At the beginning of March, we returned to England for a couple of weeks’ stay in the Cambridge area and then flew back to Toronto. This allowed us to visit a bit longer with family and friends in Ontario before leaving to do the return road trip home.

Here are a few visuals from that rather extended trip…



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